Disabled veteran turned writer, A.S. Johnson, released her first romance novel December 2010. She is the youngest daughter of six children, a Navy brat who later served in the U.S. Army while attending college at Northwest Missouri State University. She loves to read, travel, cook, spend time with family, and write.


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In my own words:

My story is a not a simple one. I grew up in a working class family composed of dealing with both physical and psychological abuse by my father, served in the U.S. Navy for over 20 years as a Navy Corpsman. Our family moved frequently even after dad’s service in the Navy had ended in 1971.
I was born in 1968 in Illinois at Great Lakes Naval base, spent my younger years living in North Carolina, Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. After graduating high school 1986 in Webb City, Missouri I went on to attend college at Northwest Missouri State University majoring in Political Science and minoring in Criminal Justice. While in college in the fall of 1988 I joined the Army R.O.T.C.(Reserve Officer Training Corp), during the summer of 1990 between my junior and senior year of college I sustained sever trauma to my lower spine during Officer Basic Training. Physical therapy and finally spinal surgery to my lower lumbar would prove to be more than I could take. I continued one more semester of college before physically and financially not being able to continue with my education.
During my adult years I worked as a sales clerk, car hop, office assistant, pre-school teacher, before my physical condition became permanent.
Even after regaining my self-esteem and self-worth is still a hopeless romantic who still believes in true love despite living through three failed marriages. All of which I could write a complete novel about do’s and don’t of marriage. I’ve dealt with everything from infidelity, emotional and verbal abuse, to public and private humiliation by my former husbands.
I’ve won brief battles over cervical cancer, endometriosis, and what was thought to be a mild stroke; all of which added to my physical disability would contribute to my being childless.
In 2009, I would have my second medical scare, this time changing my life forever. Just after my birthday I rededicated myself to following my dreams. From that day forward I would start living life instead of sitting around and day dreaming about it.
I have always had a desire to write. One morning after awakening from a wild dream I sat down and began to write. For the next six hours my visions consumed me and it was from this the first six chapters of “Orion” were written. The first three chapters came from my actual dream.
A few days later I had my niece Stacy look over the chapters I had wrote, Stacy loved it. This was the fuel I needed to inspire me to continue to write my first romance novel. Over the course of four months the novel was written, spell checked, edited, modified, and read over twenty times front to back.
In late summer of 2009 I signed with Writer’s Literary Agency, who then helped me polish my novel, and got me in touch with Strategic Book Publishers Group/Eloquent Books. By June 2010 I had a signed book deal with Eloquent Book Publishers and in December of 2010 my first novel “Orion” was released to the public online.
It has been a wonderful journey as I continue to write and publish my novels.
In 2015, I married and moved to Cancun, Mexico where a new chapter of my life has begun. I love every moment of it and feel very blessed!.

My life stands as a testiment for all to see and that I live by my own words.
“Always believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams!”
~A.S. Johnson

Links to the novel “Orion” and to my author page can be found on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and the publishers online link.

Link to my interview for my novel “Orion” by Night Owl Romance can be viewed by clicking on the Night Owl Romance website.

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Enjoying Cancun with the love of my life, Art!

Enjoying Cancun with the love of my life, Art!

Feeling blessed! Amazing time with my husband!

Feeling blessed! Amazing time with my husband!

My life in paradise!

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