This Blog section is dedicated to my fellow Americans, Native Americans, and their struggle to keep their sacred burial land and stop corrupt elected officials from polluting our ecosystem, water, land, and planet!

Blog post: Nov. 06, 2016
Post #1
We all know in our hearts what the corrupt Governor of North Dakota is doing is wrong…


Native American’s are Americans like all the rest of us, and deserve the same equality in life, dignity, human rights, and respect that we show to all Americans with other ancestral backgrounds, regardless of your skin color, religion, heritage, etc, we are all American. And when we see a corrupt Governor and corrupt giant corporation committing atrocities against our fellow Americans, then we need to stand up and speak out, period!

We cannot expect our children to grow up respecting each other or to stand up against bullies, if we first do not show them the correct way!!!

You lead by example!! We have enough racist bigots in American, please don’t be one too!!
I Love seeing Americans showing supporting for our fellow Americans!!

Post #2
One of my beautiful cousins, earlier today, had posted her dislike about how more people in America have paid more attention to a sporting event then the atrocities being committed against Native American’s…

Well, I agree with her 100% and this is a fragment of the post in response from someone who commented with her opinion, something along the lines of … “sports give people a place of refuge from their daily life,” and “the pipeline will create jobs and cheaper energy.”

And you know what… This is what is the real problem in America!!!

We too often pick and choose excuses to justify our behavior or lack there of, and this is the kind of thing that breeds more ignorance in the United States.

So, because it is only fair I am posting my response in which I fully support my cousins stance.

I know many of you won’t read it, or this… because like her(not my cousin, her friend) you too, and want to trivialize what is going on in North Dakota and brush it off and justify your lack of interest because it won’t effect you, and maybe you too are going take refuge from your daily life in sports or politics on CNN or Fox News, ESPN… rather than see, investigate, educate yourselves on what is going on around you by your elected officials.

But that is where you are all wrong!

For hundreds of years, our government has murdered to the point of extinction dozens of Native American tribes for one reason or another, promised land to surviving members, and then pushed them off it, and onto other lands only to shrink those millions of acres down to several thousand and even hundred in some cases.

For decades, millions of Native Americans were forced by gunpoint and threatened with death if they did not stay on their reservation by force of our military. Treaties were formed to protect remaining land, money promised as payment for the atrocities from previous government administrations(many of which still goes unpaid), and then basic human rights as fellow Americans given to each one.

Now here we are in 2016, and we once again see corrupt elected officials at every level of government trying once again… to shrink, destroy, remove, and take away millions and millions of more land from Native Americans, our fellow Americans… all in the name of public interest, ie: oil, gas, and coal companies, they really do not mean you and me the public voters… just like they did back a hundred yeas ago when big coal, gas, and oil corporations murdered thousands of entire families or burnt them out in the Appalachian Mountains and then in the Southern Delta, all in order to seize thousands of oil, gas, and coal rich land.

And now, they are back!

Now, they have their eyes on building pipeline after pipeline starting with the Dakotas and then over to Utah. These giant conglomerates, PAC groups(oil, gas, coal) spent $42 MILLION dollars in the 2013-2014 worth of campaigns donations. And then received $541 BILLION DOLLARS in government subsidies.. The Dakota pipeline is being built so that Sunoco, Marathon, and Phillip 66’s partnership can ship more oil faster to their refiners and cut out the $50 per oil tanker railroad tariff they pay and to reduce truck transport dependency as well.

So, these BILLION dollar companies want to save what amounts to chump change for them after all they get $541 BILLION in subsidies(tax breaks to lower consumer prices) and will be putting hundreds of truck drivers out of jobs, endangering vital farm and cattle land, endanger the Missouri River, all of this land is what this pipeline travels through, and they are claiming it will create thousands jobs and reduce energy costs?? Last time I check, for just Iowa alone, they claimed it would create 8,000-12,000 new jobs, but it only created 1,500 and caused $1 million dollars in damages by bulldozers in two counties alone. And this conglomerate donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funding at every level of government in Iowa, who at first opposed it, then once funds started accumulating, they all miraculously voted yes.

But if that is true then why hasn’t all the other pipelines built prior brought thousands of jobs to those states they run through or reduced our energy costs or prices at the pump???

And if it is so great, then why did the Alabama Governor last week declare a state of emergency when the “Colonial pipeline” blew up? (For an entire month that pipeline had already leaked up to 355,000 gallons of gasoline onto vital land and the company did nothing until it exploded, killing one worker).. the pipeline is still burning and officials can’t tell the Alabama Governor or anyone else how long it will take before the fuel stops burning… in the meantime it is polluting the air and causing danger to nearby land since Alabama had a drought this summer.

Now………………. This is my response I posted in regards to the issue my cousin brought up:
I totally agree with you 110%.

People would rather cheer on a sports team than go stand in front of police protecting a oil pipeline than stand with and help thousands of fellow unarmed Americans who are being beaten, shot with rubber bullets, humiliated, falsely arrested, strip searched, made to stand naked, squat and grunt to insure they don’t have weapons shoved up their rectum and then caged in dog kennels naked.

There are no thousands of jobs being created by this pipeline, it will not bring down your gas station prices one penny, and it will not save you a single dollar on your electric bill.

Neither have any of the other dozen pipelines that have already been built and are now leaking. One such pipeline ruptured last week in Alabama, spilling thousands of crap all over vital farm land.

This Dakota pipeline will run under the Missouri River, in two places… It runs through millions of acres of vital farm land in 7 states where we depend heavily on grain and other commodities.

Yes, we are the problem… we have allowed corrupted elected officials to remain in office with out being held accountable…

We are a nation of lazy people who keep on voting the same idiots over and over into office.

And I’m sorry, but what refuge do you think Native American’s are having right now from their daily life?? While police barricade them, shot at them, and deny them access to sacred burial ground??

While White teenagers are in school learning, the unarmed Sioux Native American teenagers are being shot in the back by police.

Again, where is their “escape from daily life”????

If these atrocities took place let’s say in Atlanta or Charlotte, or Chicago, or L.A. and were committed against African Americans…

There would be millions of people rioting!!

But hey, it’s just Native American sacred burial land, and police are committing human rights violations against them so I guess it is okay… after all it’s for a oil pipeline that will bring jobs and cheaper energy…. right….!


November 8, 2016
Historic Day, one day before election of our next U.S. President

I’ve seen many post for political opinions that are pro democratic and pro republican, to ones that like the third party or fourth party running for President. We need to remind ourselves and others to look it up, google it… educate yourself about who you are voting for and if you don’t like the people who is unanimously voted for and chosen back during the primaries… then go to a campaign office in your local community and be a part of the process that helps educate voters on the facts… or run for office, so we all can have better option to choose from for the next election.

I went to college and majored in Political Science, which covers everything from courses called: Campaigns and Elections, Constitutional Law, International Relations, Local State and Federal Governmental Systems, Courts and Corrections, and the list goes on.. 😛

Our country did not start out Democratic and Republican… It has had a wide variety of party groups at every level of government throughout history. We’ve had Independent party candidates, Federalist Party, Whig Party, National Union Party, Democratic-Republican Party, National Republican Party, another group called the War Democrats, Anti-Masonic Party, and more.

Our first President, George Washington, was an Independent during his entire term.
2nd President John Adams was a member of the Federalist Party.
3rd President Thomas Jefferson was actually a Democrat-Republican Party member and is said to have founded that party, during that time they were one-in-the same and only to split in to separate parties later on.
6th President John Quincy Adams was first a member of the Federalist Party. He had also been a member at one time or another of the Democratic-Republicans, National Republicans, Whig, and Anti-Masonic..
7th President Andrew Jackson, is where parties started to split, he is said to be the “founder” of the Democratic Party.
9th President William Henry Harrison(the Last Non-American born President to be elected) was elected by the Whig Party, but died after serving a month in office… then his VP became the 10th President, John Tyler was approved and elected by the Whig Party.

And, I could go on, and on, about the variety of political parties that existed in the past and the dozens that we’ve seen in our own life time. So, to have the absurd idea that the United States has always been a two party system is false, according to history.

I think if you are a qualified person who wants to run for the job of being our President then you should be given the equal opportunity to do so, regardless of what the news media tries to feed us…

However, we now live in a generation dominated by the standard news media, twitter, facebook, and all kinds of pop-up online media companies… all bombarding us with the idea that the Republican or Democratic Parties vote only matter, thus discouraging voters from becoming free thinking individuals and not even considering the third or fourth party candidates.
All of which, last time I checked are all on the ballot!

We all have a right to freedom of speech, which allows us to voice our opinion, no you don’t have to like it, and nor do I… but, if we are to teach our children and grandchildren to respect each other and stop bigotry at every level as well as racism… then we need to also remember we all have a right to our own opinion, and theirs does not have to agree with yours or mine.

We all have a right to vote in every election for the person we think will best take care of and represent our Nation… and we all need to understand, any third party candidate that runs for a political office, including the President of the United States, has every right to run for office and receive our votes as does someone who is a member of the dominating Democratic or Republican parties…

Every voter has the right to vote for who ever they want, without being insulted, or belittled, because they do not believe what you or what I do, or see specific candidates in the same light as you or I might.

If we keep allowing the media in all it’s forms, along with corrupt elected officials, to bully us into thinking voting your independent vote for a third party candidate or a fourth or fifth for that matter, is a bad idea.. and is a waste of your vote…

Then, yes. We should all be very worried right now during this election! We all see more people come out, and insult, or voice negatively, against anyone who is displaying their constitutional right to be a free thinking, and a independent voter, or someone who has educated themselves and is being open minded in making their choice.

I think it is great… We each should vote for the person who we think is most qualified for the job and who we believe will do the best for our own state and our nation, and without being insulted for doing so or belittled by a fellow American, because they are not voting for the same candidate as you or me.