Buyer Beware!!!

To any buyer of novels authored by me: A.S. Johnson::: IF you click on the author name and it does not take you to my bio on amazon then you run the risk of being ripped off. IF you see a title of my novel within [ ] brackets, I more than likely didn’t authorize the sell of this book nor will I likely get any royalty from it and you stand the chance of being conned and maybe never getting my actual novel. These are people who are profiting of my hard work and authors like me. So, please be aware and shop only with “official” author released novels!! It will help you avoid headache and $ loss in the future!
Best wishes to all…
~A.S. Johnson


The reality of becoming an actual published author isn’t as easy as many might think. To the average reader or future ‘hopeful’ writer you write a novel, get a big deal, and Hollywood comes calling. Nothing can be further from the truth!!

First step is to actually write. This is as many of us would say the easiest part of writing a novel. Once you have your final manuscript you then need an editor.

Second step: search and hopefully find an honest editor who will go through your manuscript with a fine tooth comb so to speak.. catch all the misspelled words, grammar errors, and overused phrases. Then gives you input on how to make it better, points out the slow spots, unsure areas, possible miss described characters, and hopefully give you back a better manuscript.

Third step is to go over the actual edit to double check what the editor has done to your masterpiece, this however is your baby, and at the end of the day You, not the editor, not the publisher or anyone else is responsible for your finished, polished manuscript!

Fourth step, now you have something worthy to present.. You type up a Query letter, a 2-3 pages synopsis of your novel, and have a blurb(selling point) for your manuscript.

Fifth step, if using traditional methods, then you will need to solicit a Literary Agent, many if not all traditional publisher require you to have an agent. You submit your query letter, with blurb, your synopsis, and typically only the first 3 chapters of your manuscript. Unless otherwise instructed, don’t send your entire manuscript to an agency. If the first three chapters aren’t good enough to get their attention the rest of it won’t either.

Sixth step: now you enter into a Legal Contract with your Literary Agent/Agency who will now represent you and find you a publishing company who will be willing to take a chance on an unknown author. Don’t get discouraged, this will take time… anywhere from a few weeks to months if not a year. Yes it is possible! You are competing for the attention of a publisher with about 500,000 other known and unknown authors for a contract. The publisher will review your entire manuscript and determine if you and your novel are the right fit for their company. Don’t get upset if you get a dozen rejection letters before you get your first contract. The famous author Stephanie Meyers was rejected 12 times before she was accepted, and no her fame did not happen overnight… Twilight had been published for over five years before it ever took off. So, if you think you will take off right away? Let me burst your bubble right now…. Unless you are already famous, it isn’t going to happen! And most of those famous celebs don’t write their own novels, they hire ghost writers to do it for them and take all the fake credit for it…. again… Hollywood… lots of lights, smoke, and mirrors! This life for us, it’s reality and the reality is we all must start out on the bottom as an unknown author, work on PR, get our name out there… we work the twitter, myspace, goodreads, and facebook circuits until we’re pros at it.. then if we are lucky and gather enough fan base our novels take off… but it isn’t without work and devotion to our hopes and dreams!!

IF you want it, then do it! Make your dreams a reality!! Never let anyone tell you, you can’t.. I am a prime example that you can!!!!!